The rail terminal located within the area of the Baltic Container Terminal is part of the rail infrastructure belonging to the Port of Gdynia Authority.

The BCT track is divided into external and internal systems. The external system currently consists of 7 shunting and parking tracks with the SRK automatic control system (planned commissioning - June 2021).  The internal system consists of three loading tracks for container handling and two tracks for general cargo railcars (usable length: 436 m and 381 m). The full list of track technical data can be found in the 'Rules of the Gdynia Port Authority Railway Siding', available on the website:

Access to the BCT loading track and rules of railway traffic operation are regulated by: ,,Regulations of the Rail Siding of the Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.'', ,,Regulations of access to the OIU'', ,,Principles of railway traffic and signalling within the infrastructure of the Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.'', (which are available on the ZMPG website:

The rules for notification of trains for service at the BCT and the rules of cooperation between railway operators and their carriers and the BCT are regulated in the following documents: 'Terminal Services - Standard Terms and Conditions', Annex A. Operating Regulations, part. III Land Transshipment Operations, point C. Railcar service and the BCT Tariff, available on the BCT website: under the section “regulations and procedures”.

As of 1.02.2021, the INCOS communication platform is in place at the BCT, with the obligation of electronic notification of railcars for service at the BCT (

Shunting companies offering wagon shunting services from Gdynia Port Station to BCT holding a valid authorisation of the Port of Gdynia Authority: PKP CARGO S.A the Company's Northern Plant
CTL Północ Sp. Z o.o.
DB Cargo Polska Sp. z o.o.
Freightliner PL sp. z o.o.
LOTOS Kolej Sp. z o. o. Intermodal Service at the BCT


Regular connections

BCT Gdynia - Kutno Hub (connection with Gliwice and Wrocław) 7 days a week PCC Intermodal
BCT Gdynia -  Poznań (Franowo) 3 days a week Loconi Intermodal
BCT Gdynia -  Poznań (Gądki) 2 days a week Loconi Intermodal
BCT Gdynia - Warszawa (Praga) 2 days a week Loconi Intermodal
BCT Gdynia - Łódź (Olechów) 2 days a week Spedcont
BCT Gdynia - Nowe Skalmierzyce 1 x a week Loconi Intermodal
BCT Gdynia - Brzesko  1 x a week Freightliner
BCT Gdynia - Łódź (Stryków) 1 x a week Erontrans
BCT Gdynia - Kostrzyn 1 x a week POL-Agent


Intermittent connections

BCT Gdynia - Terespol Pomorski several times a week Primer
BCT Gdynia - Radomsko several times per month Loconi Intermodal
BCT Gdynia - Dąbrowa Górnicza several times per month Freightliner
BCT Gdynia - Swarzędz intermittent Clip Intermodal
BCT Gdynia - Ełk intermittent NTQ
BCT Gdynia - Wróblin Głogowski intermittent C. Hartwig Szczecin
BCT Gdynia - Inowrocław intermittent Polsin
BCT Gdynia - Janikowo intermittent Polsin