Project COMODALCE (Enhancing COordination on multiMODAL freight transport in Central Europe), Project no. CE1455 Interreg is an international research and implementation project, co-financed by Interreg Central Europe funding programme, which aims to develop IT tools for the coordination of seaports with their backup infrastructure. The project is co-financed by the Interreg Central Europe funding programme. The partners are 10 entities from 5 Central European countries.

The budget of the entire project is EUR 2 million, the budget of BCT - EUR 181,300 with a co-financing rate of 85%. The project duration: 01.04.2019 - 31.03.2022.

Each partner is implementing its own pilot project. All are related to the development and application of tools for better coordination between ports and the backup infrastructure and the construction of an integrated digital network for multimodal transport.

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BCT is an independent partner implementing its own technological solution in the context of improving coordination with the backup infrastructure. This is the INCOS electronic platform for the management of train arrivals based on documentation and solutions from a previous project (e-Impact CEF and LogoCon).

The aim of the BCT pilot project is to build a digital environment to enable the transfer of data between the operating systems of partners participating in the intermodal transport chain in Poland. The INCOS platform is equipped with a modern integration module offering simple and widely accessible inter-system integration. It also has a sophisticated user interface, which can be accessed via the Internet for manual and semi-automatic operation by those partners who do not have their own operating systems.

The INCOS platform eliminates paper documents and traditional communication, with regard to the coordination of container transport by rail and their transshipment. Partners involved in the process upload their data to the platform as they are created and download data from it according to the access granted and their role in the process. This significantly speeds up and simplifies data processing. It allows for better control, efficiency analysis of the entire process and its optimisation.

As part of the project, consultations were held with the operators sector, railway carriers and intermodal terminal operators. Information, comments and suggestions were collected with regard to the needs and possible solutions that could facilitate and improve intermodal traffic.

Although the INCOS platform is currently used by BCT only in the process of servicing intermodal trains, its design provides for a multi-terminal character and cooperation within the whole intermodal environment in Poland. Other sea and land terminals can join, using the already existing functionalities and integrations.

Currently, the INCOS platform is already being used in production (as of 1.02.2021) and has the following generated inter-system integrations:

- integration into the operating system of the Baltic Container Terminal (Main Sail)

- integration with the Loconi Intermodal operating system

- integration with the PCC Intermodal operating system

- integration with Szips ZMPG system (under development)

- integration with PasCom Spedycja II system (under development)

- integration with EKL PKP Cargo system (planning stage)


The INCOS platform is available at the address:

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